got any questions?

 i dont really know what to say, but like hayley said, that's what makes it exciting. i kind of feel like hayley, not posting very often...

well, now i am posting something. yet i'm still not quite sure what i'm gonna say.
i do know that i have been pretty inactive on here, which sucks. you know?
i don't have many friends on here either, so, yah... well, if you have any questions or suggestions for me to talk about, comment down there
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im so super sorry!!!

 i've been m.i.a. and that's not kewl. so, i'm gonna [hopefully] be more active on here. if you have any suggestions for what i should be talkin bout on here, just comment! [i kinda feel just as dead on here as Hayley]

i promise i will blog more!!!! I PROMISE!

~Kayley RIOT!

the best night of my life...

was last night. it was may 12 in seattle. i saw paramore for the first time ever. they began with looking up, which was awesome, and went onto thats what you get. then they played more songs. and when they got to ignorance, i screamed so loud!!! and where the lines overlap and whoa, cuz hayley told us all to scream really loud during those songs. hayley had her spheil during whoa, and she told the people sitting in the back to all stand up, and then she said she would keep us all there until two in the morning, and then we all screamed and she said, "maybe that wasn't the right thing to say" and we laughed and screamed some more. and hayley sounded so cute, like a little 12 year old. the whole night was so much fun. i just wish i could have met them! anyhoo, im still glad that i atleast go to see them. seriously, last night was the best. night. of. my. life!!! i LOVED IT!!!!!!

so, were you at the seattle show? if so, what did you think??

i like this one better

 I just changed my theme of my journal. i definitely like this one better. it's kewler. you should see it. anyhoo, i wanna say thanks for making me your friend, thats so kewl. i cant wait to see all of you posting random stuff. ok, well, dont have much to say.

kayley RIOT!
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have you ever...

 not wanted to go to sleep, but you really should have? thats what im doing. its cause im ultra bored. waah. well, to all of my new friends, i just wanna say hi! and this kinda feels like self advertising, but it's shameless... you can find me on buzznet too. i am Kayley Nichole. easy enough, isnt it? well, if you have a buzznet, i will hopefully see you there too.

Kayley RIOT!
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