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Kayley's Riot!

the journal of kayley

Hey there, my name is Kayley, and I just wanna say Hi!
I'm in a really kewl band with my really kewl friends and we are greatly inspired by Paramore. I love Paramore. I think they are the best band ever! [But that's my own opinion.]
My current favorite songs by Paramore are Looking Up, We Are Broken, and Emergency.
I also like Death Cab for Cutie, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Tegan and Sara, and much more.
I love to read and write. Some of my favorite books are Twilight, Hush Hush, Uglies, Evermore, and I have lots more. I really like fantasy books because they're fantastic.
I love being a Kayley, 'cause that's who I am.
I love to hang out with my friends, and my band. I like to sing, play guitar, and the keyboard/piano.
I really wanna say "Hey!" to people out here on LJ, so, "Hey!"

Ok, I don't know what else to say really, so peace people! Hope to see ya around!